Laramie peak poker run

The next day we got the wagons to the river, where we staid 4 days, our cattle being unable to go on without recruiting.I have not seen among all the waggons here any better fitted ones than ours nor a better lot of men puting myself among the rest and I think if any can go through we can and if I get out in the mountains and find it impossible to go through with cattle I shall pack my pony and walk behind him and go through or bust.Copper mines and mining -- Superior, Lake, Region. See also what's at your library, or elsewhere. Broader terms: Copper mines and mining; Superior, Lake, Region.There is some good society in the county but my business nor my place of residence alow me to join, though I would had I time.I do not want to stay here untill I get to think it home. nor will I ever give up the idea of making Madison my home for life.I think I can get your letters more regular now as I have a private box with Ed--.Miner filled, the filling has come out leaving the nerve bare, if I do not get relief Soon I shall go to Stockton and have it filled--I recieved a letter from Dr.The crowd is growing less very fast the teams are crossing the river and some are starting for the plains depending on grass for thier cattle but it is not hardly good enough for them and do much work they can live well and do nothing.Cal Sept 22d 1851 I wrote you a long letter by the last mail from Sacramento informing you of my fall from Proprietor of one of the finest Hotels in town to a common digger in the ground now you may think this a great fall but I do not but a peg higher.

I have been talking to him but he will not go without more money which he never will get here nor any where else I do not say this from any ill will towards him for I love him like a brother and would divide the last cent I had in the world with him, but for his own good, the longer he stays here the less money he will have untill he will not have enough to get home with.The polls of the third ward were held in this house we gave them the room for the oppertunity of selling them whisky.Verily I say unto thee, an evil genius hath long pursued me, she hath followed so close upon my foot steps that every thread and fibre of my shirt tail is familiar to her eye.Ed is well he does not work any nor has he ever worked scince the winter of Forty Nine.The exaggeration is confessed in his letter to Sarah dated March 17, 1855.Henry Abby is working on Mormon island about 20 miles from here.

Steele for I am but a secondary person carrying out his plans and moving on all important occations by his advice which is very generly good.Steele is at work thrashing the wheat and will get it into the Mill either sold, or to grind soon.What money we had I let Ben have to send to John T. as he had written very urgently for some, and Ben was very anctious to send it.Things have taken a new turn and I am now waiting for a boat to go to St.You say you think you missed it in not coming with me, I say, you may thank your God.While in the Valley last week I met George Hickcox of Ridgway.This Scotts Bar is decidedly the Roughest place and the miners the most Rowdy drunken set I have ever seen in my life.

If I sell him out he is ruined, if I give him time he can pay--.We have a claim of 600 feet of ground and it will be something strange to me, if there is not some ore.New format, but poker run still fun. Laramie resident Kris Kramschuster arrived Saturday morning to enjoy snowshoeing with a group of friends.I have been travelling most of the time untill last week when I settled here to turn the South Fork of the American river.Charles Lord, a highly respected citizen of Madison who was a charter member and the recording secretary of the State Historical Society.I like to think over the enjoyments you have, it does me good but does not make me blue.I long to see them and regret now that I consented to leave them.We shall buy and take with us provisions enough to last us through the rainy season by selling what oxen we do not need and my horse we will have money sufficient to buy all we need.

You have always kindly expressed much confidence in me, and I assure you I am proud to hear it, it shall be a spur to me, to be more worthy of it, and your respect.He is going with mules and will not keep in company with us I 28.

Then a company below backed water on us, and the company built a large circular rotary pump to pump out the back water, which will not do it and then they are now building a Room through the whole length of 133.We can not get what the poorest low lived creature lives on at home, even the hogs have plenty of vegitables These 77.ATV Poker Run at Laramie Peak Fire Zone | Hubbard Cupboard. Duration: 22:23 Size: 30.74 MB. Play Download. Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. Duration: 4:12 Size: 5.77 MB.The rest of the company will never bc able to pay him nor will they untill they are obliged by law and not then if they can get their property out of their hands so that the whole brunt of the affair will fall on me alone which I am not disposed to stand.

I came on this creek last May in Co with five others and have been at work hard.The business of the spring has commenced and the miners are travelling in every direction but most of them are going to the Ubah where they have been taking it out by the lb.

We have now been at work, six of us, six weeks hard every day, and have made but Seventy five dollars all of us, nor do we know how much longer we will work without making any- thing.I have just returned from Yreka this evening--Went over with a party of six to see one of our Merchants off home--G. W. Price of New York City son-in-law of the famous Sands of Sassaparilla.I am sorry that Bliss has married Miss Brigham but if they are satisfied I am for when I get out on the praries I shall never think of them.I never was in such perfect good health in my life and if I take care of myself (which I shall try) I shall continue so.Early settlers and explorers called the Laramie Range the Black Hills prior to Lt. G. during Custers 1874 Black Hills Expedition, the peak was placed on the.Joseph May 11th 1849-- I recieved your kind letter last evening, the first I have recieved from any body, you may know how much good it done me.Anticipate being in the dark for Aug. 21 total solar eclipse. By. the longest totality of darkness seems to run around. hiking to the summit of Laramie Peak,.A few Spanish words were affected by all American miners in California.

It is just so with us we do not pretend to tell the truth about our digings because no one else will tell us what they are doing.It is very late and I must close this but will write again soon.It was “hot” for Laramie,. They didn’t realize that it was a peak moment,. the penny-ante poker players run the world,.I have written to you, or all of you rather, at least once a month scince my arrival in California which is about as often as I can find anything of any importance, in regard to myself or the country generaly, to write as I have been, as you know, in the Mountains most of the time where one knows of only what is occuring in his immediate vicinity which is of no interest to those far away.Once in a while we have something a little extra in the eating line such as bean soup, Apple Sauce, Boiled Rice and things.I shall stay here untill we get our job finished and then shall go South where Ed is and winter he says we can make money mining this winter and board with him.Laramie Peak from I-25, WY. Seeing the Elephant — Of course every man who could get up the gumption was partly a dreamer intrigued., which always run at.I want very much to hear from you, and much more to see you all.Thad Dean was in Sac., too, but I did not see him nor did I wish to.

If they could get a letter it would do me a great deal of good as I could hear of you.We Want Them Dead Rather Than Alive: Buffalo Bill the Lawman WWHA Journal — December 2011 By Jeremy Johnston, Managing Editor, Papers of William F. Cody.Cadwise was in Coloma and well I do not think he has made much. nor the other Boys either--I am glad to hear that Charlie is improving in his studies and growing.There is a small town about 12 miles from here called Hangtown.Every man is sure of good wages if he will work and can lay up more than he can in the states working at any trade.It is very rich and the only trouble is that the water is a leetle.Little Ella how is she--well I trust as I cannot hear for months from any of you but you can hear from me every few weeks as I can write from the Forts that will be a pleasure to me as well as you Good bye untill day after to morrow if the mails carry strait I remain your affectionate Friend.Browse all of the USGS publications warehouse by following a link tree. Browse the USGS. Potential for deep basin-centered gas accumulation in Travis Peak.

I climed up as far as ever any body did and took a view of the country which was truly splendid all around the bottom was TRAIL PASSING A PRAIRIE FARM.Scotts Bar May 25, 1854 I recieved by the last express several papers for which I am very much obliged to you though I would have prefered a good long letter to them.A couple of miles south of Marysville, Kansas, not far from the east bank of the Big Blue River, lies one of the most moving places on the Oregon Trail.I wish we had not bot a stove at Madison because we can get some better and cheaper here we ought to have one with an oven to bake--but we will get along as there are several among the Wisconsin teams which we can use to bake in.We have a fine Ranch and are farming extensively, which, if the crops grow well, will send me home next fall.You can bet high I feel good to think that there is some chance of seeing you so soon--.I have not recieved any letters from home yet, but hope to find several at the city when I get there.I heard from the teams in a very roundabout way and think they will be here the first of next week if they have had no bad luck.