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Some of them are a bit obscure, but most of them are hilarious.Irish Slang. Wives Tales. Tweet. Irish Slang. Category Category; Popular Popular; By County By County;. It is unlucky to accept a lock of hair from a lover.Gambling slang and betting terms explained.Slang words used for horse racing and gambling in U.K. and U.S.A.listed and explained.A glossary of gambling terms and definitions to help you understand all the definitons and jargon you will see at an. Gambling Glossary. Slang for $/£500.Funny Gambling Quotes -- Humorous quotations about gambling and gamblers.

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Poker Terms - Poker Dictionary. A. Here is a resource where you can find explanations of various poker terminology so as not to be lost at the tables. Gambling.On the list: Banana Banana Banana. 20 Hilarious Programming Jargon Phrases You Should Use When Talking To Engineers.Slots Terms & Definitions. This term refers to a group of gambling machines,. Slang for stealing from gambling machines by pushing or shaking them.In addition to valuable information every card player should know.Find and save ideas about Las vegas quotes on Pinterest. How to Have Fun in Las Vegas Without Gambling and Booze. has a firm lock.

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This site offers detailed information about card cheating and crooked gambling.Blackjack Terms and Lingo. Let’s take a look at some of the basic lingo, terminology,. you are in control of your gambling decisions.

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What is the lock-out. Horse racing lingo and slang words. About your choices. Call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or visit or.

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Dictionary of Chinglish Slang and colloquialisms. = Be sure to lock your doors and windows and take all valuables with. No gambling promote leagal entertainment.Confused by horse racing lingo and slang? This racing glossary explains what all the terms. About your choices. Call Gambling Help on 1800 858 858 or visit.Australian English vocabulary. Wikipedia. More recently this has become a slang word for the drug. Also probably related to the phrases 'hamming it.

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This is gambling money or risk money. Lock: A hand. Australian slang for poker machines.

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Baccarat Terminology. you have to be informed about the most widespread terms and slang used during. If you have gambling addiction problems we recommend you to.

Page offers Gambling teminology and sports betting definitions that are commonly used in the sports gambling industry.If you're not up on your gambling or casino lingo,. Casino Lingo: Understanding the Language of Gambling. Its etymology is derived from Yiddish slang,.

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Glossary of Gambling Terms for online Sportsbooks. Get latest definitions A-Z on gambling terms related to online Sportsbooks. - A betting slang term for Favorite.~ Carny Lingo ~ This is. Loc (or 'loke') — Your. a gambling game like a "Wheel of Fortune" in which the odds can be depended on to deliver most of the money.Betting Slang and some of the sayings or terms you will hear among the horse racing fraternity.10 poker terms, phrases, and clichés that went mainstream. Queens of Heart Poker.JPG. Online Gambling Guide. What you need to know: Check out our FAQ.

Card Playing Idioms. above board - honest, not secret. (chips are used in gambling), when the winner or loser of a card game or a bet is decided.

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English Idioms. idioms 4 you English idioms. Home; Search; New; Contact; Quizzes. Gambling Idioms. a long shot: a shot in the dark: a ghost of a chance.Craps seems like a complicated game because there are so many terms and slang for different bets. Learning the lingo can help you understand the game.Gambling terminology is the collective name for all phrases which are associated with gambling. It includes well-known words like casino, bet and many more.Playing games and gambling in casinos has been a pastime of people for. Below we have listed some of the most common slang terms used in the casino which you.